The Fatherless Daughter

The Invisible Dad


About the Book

Pain, heartache, disappointment, despondency, the list goes on and on. These words have become commonplace in our generation.

In Fatherless Daughter Myrtle takes these head-on with a bold and courageous style that will keep you captivated and on the edge of your seat.

A book that would fit into the category of the best mind-bending thrillers. This book is real, emotional and deep. It will give hope even to those in the most hopeless situations.

The author uses her real-life experiences to take you on a journey of healing, hope restoration. You will come face-to-face with deep pains that have held you captive, and you will find the motivation to arise and get out from under the mess that has held you captive.

Something that really stood out for me in your book: “But I always say that I bless the day God placed me in my mother’s womb. He placed me in the perfect womb, at the right time at the perfect location.” Irrespective of what you endured… Your words are so prophetic because throughout the Bible you see that LOCATION is important to the Lord. Continue to be blessed so as to be the blessing that you are.
Seva Havi

The Author shows us that no matter what we go through in life we can come out victorious on the other side once we deal with our truths. This book shows us how you can find healing through forgiveness. Through this book, I could see the Lord’s hand upon her life and I am grateful to Myrtle for having the courage to share her story.
Crystal Fember


I laughed, shed a tear, and was angry when I read this book.

I asked myself, why did Myrtle have to wait so long to meet her dad? But she has shown, that you can fall hard but can get up, you can walk through a storm no matter how strong the storm is. Also, that one can forgive someone. No matter how much it hurts you.
Andy Jones

Thank you for showing some of us that we have it difficult and that we are so wrong that when we listen to other people’s stories, we realise the little bump that we are experiencing is nothing in comparison with what others are going through.
Samuel Davids

Myrtle Gray is Committed to Inspiring Change in Women

Myrtle Gray is the founder and owner of StepOut and StepUp Pty Ltd. She is an entrepreneur, published author, wife, mother, and certified life coach. She is a passionate motivational speaker and humanitarian. Her vision and passion are to help both adult men and women globally who are stuck and struggling to restore, replenish, reactivate and reclaim their rightful place in society. These programs are adjustable and suitable for adolescents too. She has developed and designed customized programs that suit everyone’s needs, such as The 5Km Inner Explorational Hike, Midweek-Retreats, One or two-day workshops, Seminars, Couples Alignment Program, Ladies High Teas, etc. The main objective for this intervention/ inner exploring program is to dig a little deeper into the self, bringing everything to the surface and dealing with them and dealing with YOUR truths. The program offers a breakaway to experience an intimate day with yourself, “Me Time”, in a peaceful, non-judgmental, feminine environment for all the women-only programs. The goal is to demonstrate and offer you a simple and multifaceted perspective of the self, addressing human functioning from a holistic perspective, a key component of self-compassion. Myrtle loves getting people into a flow of their reality and authenticity.

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